Can be a problem with there loud barking in the mating season, making there dens under garden sheds, breaking open rubbish sacks and attacking small domestic pets.


Although they look cute if they get in your loft the damage caused can be expensive or even cause a fire by chewing through electric cables.


Cause damage by digging or feeding activities in extreme cases of damage from digging rabbit burrows can undermine embankments and structures resulting in collapse. More commonly burrows and scrapes damage the surface of high quality grasslands such as golf courses, bowling greens and cricket pitches.


The most important type of damage is probably in agriculture where the inclusion of soil from molehills in grass silage can result in spoilt unpalatable silage and possible source of the decease listeriosis in sheep fed on the silage molehills may be unsightly  on sporting grassland and resulting in unevenness of the surface and deterioration of the sward by providing a seed bed for weeds they are particularly unwelcome on the expensive turf of golf greens and bowling greens.

All wildlife needs managing Call the professionals for advise.


Wild Life


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