Cockroaches are one of the frequently found domestic insects. Cockroaches in the house, often noticed as household pests, are also known as "roaches". Let us discuss about the facts and identification traits of cockroach pests.

This disgusting cockroach pest disturbs us by spoiling our food and household items.  These deadly cockroach pests have a shining appearance, two long front antenna and spiny legs. Cockroaches are scientifically classified into the order known as "blattaria", which comes from the Latin root word "blatta", meaning cockroach. Cockroaches have flattened bodies, which allow them to enter buildings through cracks of loose fitting doors, windows, and electric lines or also through pipelines. The cockroach prefer to remain in the dark, moist areas of basements, floors etc.

Some facts about cockroaches:

1) Cockroaches prefer warm atmosphere and are frequently found in the corners of buildings.

2) These deadly cockroach pests can move on difficult terrains too.

  1. 3)They are mainly nocturnal in nature and run away when exposed to light.

  1. 4)They remain in dark places where many of their kin are around

5)   Cockroach problems need cockroach control.

Call the professionals for eradication.      



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