Pigeon activity in and around a building may directly damage the structure as pigeons are capable of lifting roof coverings to force an entry, especially if these are already slightly displaced. This activity can allow significant water penetration into the building and subsequent decay. More seriously, they block rainwater drainage systems with their faeces, feathers and other detritus. This can cause massive water penetration and severe decay problems. Pigeon nesting activity is particularly dangerous in this respect as pigeons frequently nest in hopper heads and parapet gutters causing complete blockage in a very short time. This disruption of drainage and the resultant water penetration is especially damaging in unoccupied buildings where problems are less likely to be detected before major damage has been done.

Pigeon detritus and especially pigeon faeces represent both an aesthetic and a public health problem. This is particularly so when pigeons obtain access to the interior of a building. Pigeon droppings quickly deface finishes both to the inside and outside of buildings and are difficult and expensive to remove

The presence of feral pigeons and most especially their faeces represents a potential health hazard to employees and to the general public. This is particularly so when large accumulations of filth build up inside a building. They are commonly carriers of a number of serious human diseases including salmonellosis, psittacosis and pseudo-tuberculosis. Their faeces provide an ideal environment for the growth of the organisms causing such diseases as histoplasmosis, aspergillosis, cryptococcis and listeriosis. Although the risk of infection from pigeons may be relatively low, the diseases are severe and may be life threatening. Pigeon faeces represent a health and safety hazard for employees who have to remove them or work in their vicinity.

They are thus a special problem in the renovation of buildings where large accumulations have been allowed to build-up. Dealing with such accumulations can be expensive and time consuming because of the protective equipment and procedures that may be required. Health and safety problems are also caused by the build up of faeces due to the slippery and unsafe footing it provides on walkways and ledges hindering proper maintenance. This may also be a particular problem during building works and renovation Many pest control companies offer pigeon control services and many pigeon exclusion systems are marketed. However, there is a general lack of understanding of the problem among management and building professionals. This means that the control techniques used are often inappropriate or misapplied with the result that they are ineffective. This is not an insignificant bird problem as tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds can be spent on pigeon problems and related contracts without proper independent advice, or specification and without proper competitive tendering. Such 'one off' measures applying a single technique with no reference to other factors are often doomed to failure. This is because pigeons are living organisms and are able to adapt over time and space to circumvent most measures. As with other biologically based building problems the bird problem control requires the application of a continuing strategy of measures to control the combination of environmental factors which favour their activities. To solve bird problems you need some background knowledge and the careful assessment of each case.


Spiking / Netting / Bird Wires / Avi-Shock System

Falconry Response Pigeon Control

Using trained birds of prey to fly in the area soon convinces the pigeons that is know a no go area for them, unlike audio or visual deterrents pest birds never habituate to a live bird of prey.

There are other methods that that will be discussed

at the survey.

Bird Problems


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